Monday, June 15, 2009

You know you use desktop data..

Thanks Randy at NRGS GIS Blog for posting about this reality: In the ideal world, all data in your organization would be centrally organized, discoverable and served. But in the real world, so much data still lives on the desktop, for a variety of reasons. For Randy's customers:

"My biggest issue with server components is that all of my customers currently don’t deal with a server since they are all too small. For them life is about getting accurate data and sharing that data with customers and clients. they aren’t big enough to be able to afford a typical server solution."
Randy describes how TITAN solves this problem, noting that 'Titan is a component that ties things together - or ties data and people together."
"If I’m working on a project and someone two buildings over wants to use my data I can load it into Titan and they can see it. Say they are working in Arcmap and need to see it - I can publish it out as a WMS. I Instant message them and let them know what I’ve done and discuss the data with them."
Download and try TITAN and see why Randy knows it's so great.

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