Monday, June 29, 2009

TITAN Disaster Response Tool on GEOSS

The Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) is a 'system of systems' providing environmental data and decision-support tools to end users. The goal of GEOSS is to link together worldwide observation systems, and ultimately become a global public infrastructure that delivers comprehensive, near-real-time environmental data and analysis.

ERDAS contribution to the 2nd GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot is the ERDAS TITAN “geosspilot2” instance, geospatial collaboration and information sharing infrastructure deployed for GEOSS user communities. ERDAS TITAN enables the rapid establishment of ad hoc, spatially-enabled data sharing networks between corporate servers and users desktops. Learn more and connect to the geossPilot2 network here.

See a short movie demonstrating how TITAN fits into the architecture of the GEOSS Societal Benefit Area of Disaster Management, here. On the left menu, under "SBA Scenarios" select "Disaster Management." The movie shows the TITAN Viewer displaying SPOT 5 WCS coverages from a geoprocessing workflow, then integrating ALOS data from a separate server.

"The ERDAS TITAN Client mash ups support pre and post analysis by collaborative sharing of the acquired imagery among map producers, decision makers and emergency responders."

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