Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ERDAS Rocks World Tour…Coming to a City near You!

ERDAS announces the ERDAS Rocks world tour promoting its 2010 Software Release, providing an opportunity for attendees to experience the power and excitement of this significant release locally. With more than 30 years of experience pioneering geospatial solutions, attendees will see the fusion and culmination of innovation in the ERDAS 2010 Software Release.

In collaboration with TecnoGeo, the first ERDAS Rocks event will be held in Madrid, Spain on October 30 at the Conference Center Hotel Meliá Avenida de América. Other cities on the world tour in 2009 include Johannesburg, South Africa; Moscow, Russia; Rome, Italy; Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Alexandria, Virginia, USA, with more events planned globally in 2010.

Monday, October 19, 2009

ERDAS Announces New 2010 Software Release at GEOINT

ERDAS just announced the release of ERDAS 2010 software products from a big ERDAS booth at GEOINT 2009 in San Antonio. ERDAS 2010 product release is a major event for both desktop and enterprise products.

Key announcements include

  • A total makeover for ERDAS IMAGINE organizing features and functionality into tabs and toolsets in a ribbon interface.
  • Debut of the ERDAS Geoprocessing Service, an implementation of the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) specification (v1.0) with the capability to publish, discover and execute processing algorithms on spatially referenced data using the IMAGINE Spatial Modeling Engine on the internet.

Server-side geoprocessing is provided as an end-to-end workflow across ERDAS desktop and enterprise products. Image analysts use ERDAS IMAGINE to create robust, custom models and publish them to the APOLLO catalog. From APOLLO catalog, the models are made accessible and executable by consumer users, on demand, from 2D and 3D clients like the ERDAS APOLLO Web Client (2D), and the ERDAS TITAN Viewer 3D virtual globe.

Here's a screenshot showing input parameters and results of an executed geoprocess, an NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), in the 3D TITAN Viewer: