Monday, April 26, 2010

What's New in ERDAS Software 2010, Version 10.1

Click here to view a pre-recorded webinar highlighting What's New in ERDAS Software 2010, Version 10.1.

The webinar describes new features and workflow improvements across several ERDAS products, including the ERDAS TITAN Client. Highlighted is an overview of the highly anticipated LPS eATE.

Here is a list of specific new features and enhancements in ERDAS TITAN Client 2010, Version 10.1. The themes of the release are enhanced visualization and navigation control, and product globalization. The list includes but is not limited to:

  • Dynamic tile adjustment
  • Scale-based rendering
  • Broader language translation support
  • Navigation and terrain enhancements

Chat in Chinese in ERDAS TITAN.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ERDAS Releases a New Version of its Free 3D Visualization Client

Here's the press release on the new ERDAS TITAN Client 2010.

Excerpt on new features and functionality:

In ERDAS TITAN Client 2010, users may connect to ERDAS APOLLO catalogs via the TITAN Viewer to execute geoprocesses and visualize results in a 3D virtual globe. Descriptive metadata search results from ERDAS APOLLO catalogs are now also available in an easy-to-read display pane. Search and discovery of data in an APOLLO catalog is much faster, due to integration of REST/JSON API.

Performance in the ERDAS TITAN Client Viewer has also been greatly optimized by new algorithms, providing seamless zoom in/out of raster overlays, more memory efficiency (2-3x), multiple times faster loading KML and shapefiles, improvements to loading terrain and basemaps, and navigation enhancements.