Friday, December 11, 2009

Rebranding = ERDAS APOLLO Collaboration

With the release of ERDAS 2010 products, the ERDAS TITAN server-side products have been reclassified under the comprehensive ERDAS APOLLO umbrella as "ERDAS APOLLO Collaboration."

ERDAS APOLLO Collaboration is now part of the ERDAS APOLLO Advantage product tier. The rebranding is as follows:

Old TITAN Name



ERDAS APOLLO Collaboration

ERDAS TITAN Master Server

ERDAS APOLLO Collaboration Registry

ERDAS TITAN Web Cache Server

ERDAS APOLLO Collaboration Web Cache

ERDAS TITAN GeoHub Admin Tool

ERDAS APOLLO Collaboration Admin Tool

ERDAS TITAN Master Server Admin Tool

ERDAS APOLLO Collaboration Registry Admin Tool

The ERDAS TITAN Client, including Geospatial Instant Messenger and ERDAS TITAN Viewer, has not been rebranded and is still available as a free download.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Signed, Sealed and Delivered: ERDAS 2010 Software Release Now Available

The ERDAS 2010 Software includes new versions of ERDAS IMAGINE, LPS, ERDAS ER Mapper, ERDAS Extensions for ArcGIS, ERDAS ADE, ERDAS APOLLO and ERDAS TITAN Client. In addition, ERDAS is introducing several new products, including IMAGINE Feature Interoperability and IMAGINE SAR Interferometry, as well as a technology preview of a new automated terrain extraction capability in LPS eATE.

Product downloads, collateral and licensing information are available on the ERDAS website. Media kits will begin shipping later this month to software maintenance customers.