Thursday, April 16, 2009

OpenStreetMap (OSM) downtime this weekend

Possible downtime this weekend for OpenStreetMap (OSM). Seems to affect only the editor, but it may effect the tile display as well. OSM is the default basemap in the TITAN Viewer.

OpenStreetMap API 0.6 is scheduled to go live on 17-19th April, 2009.

"Expect server downtime during that period. The current API will go into Read Only mode at 10:00am BST (9:00 UTC) Friday 17th April. You might need to upgrade your editor to use the new API after the work is complete. There may also be some hiccups in the following days."

We will keep the API up and running in read-only mode for most of the weekend, and the website displaying maps, however we will need at least a short period of total downtime.

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Mapperz said...

A few , but not too many issues have lead to this delay in the back o 'normal' mode

Expected time is 9am UTC
[10am BST for UK] on the 21st April 2009.