Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ERDAS TITAN new version! Query APOLLO directly from TITAN Viewer!

I'm pleased to announce the release of ERDAS TITAN 9.3.3 today! Plus I had the timely opportunity to host a webinar highlighting the new features earlier this morning... the day of the software release!

This release is marked by two big features in the TITAN Viewer:

  1. TITAN Viewer is a standalone application
  2. Query ERDAS APOLLO Image Manager(s) directly from the TITAN Viewer
The TITAN Viewer can now operate as a standalone application. It can even operate offline from the Internet. The Search and MyServices features from the GeoIM have been replicated in the TITAN Viewer, so users can now maintain their list of web services and kick off searches directly from the TITAN Viewer.

And that's right, users can now broadcast one search query across multiple APOLLO Image Manager(s), as well as TITAN Network GeoHubs and your local data! Plus EAIMs can be queried with advanced catalog search parameters like time stamp and type (dataset or aggregate).

Other hot new features include:
  • Measurement Tool: The annotation tool now includes distance and area measurements, plus x, y and z (elevation) for points.
  • Camera Feeds: Add live camera feeds to the TITAN Viewer, resize and pin to terrain.
  • Local Scene Files: Mash up local data, data consumed from others, web services, location-based content and save everything, including the spatial extent, in local scene files.
  • New Web Service Support: WFS and ImageX (simple HTTP protocol from ERDAS Image Web Server)
  • Video and Images in KML Placemark Balloons
  • Bounding Box: Narrow search area by bounding box

See the news release here.

No auto update this go-around, but if you are participating on the public ERDAS TITAN Network, you will be prompted to download the new ERDAS TITAN Client version 9.3.3.

Here's a screenshot of a search made with one query to 2 EAIMs and a TITAN Network GeoHub.

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