Monday, July 21, 2008

Streamlining the Message

TITAN does a lot of things: publish with permissions, protect ownership rights, universal translator (aka 'geospatial data bridge'), internal and external permission-based data distribution, authors of content become servers of content, users build interactive 3D presentation spaces (MyWorlds), create and share location-based content, harvest and edit metadata, communicate via chat, search/discover/access data and web services, consume into various applications, consume web services, query CS-W, manage connections to multiple public and private resources of data...the list goes on.

A product may have many features, but one goal of marketing is to condense and streamline the message you present about a product, so that it is concise and digestible by many. So we've carried out that exercise recently with TITAN and have derived the following product description:

An Online Network for Sharing Data

and have also derived a few high-level supporting statements:

  • TITAN is a tool for publishing, indexing, searching and retrieving geospatial data, geospatial web services and location-based content across organizations and end users
  • TITAN provides access to unlimited public and private data resources and enables consumption in a variety of desktop, internet and 3D virtual globe applications
  • TITAN enables participants to chat via instant messenger, providing an arena for communication and collaboration

Ta da!

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Jason & Krista said...

sounds like you have a fantastic marketing team behind you. This streamlining is genious