Monday, July 28, 2008

People get it

The sales teams always tell me that when it comes to presenting TITAN, they do one maybe two slides and then it's straight to the demo. That's because TITAN speaks really well for itself.

I think it's always good to get back to the basics. My favorite instruction for a simple TITAN demo is:

  1. Download the TITAN Client from
  2. Register to the TITAN Network
  3. Open up the TITAN Client
  4. In the Geospatial Instant Messenger, click to select someone who is sharing data
  5. Under the Data tab at the bottom, right click on a dataset they've published and choose 'Load In' a listed application!
  6. Or, right click on a dataset and Copy WMS Link, then paste that WMS link into a WMS compliant application
TITAN does a lot more, such as publishing with permissions, search, W*S consumption, 3D interactive presentations and much more. But it's good to know that, in six steps, you can demonstrate power+ease of use. In six steps people get it.

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