Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GeoHub IDs and Master Servers

For GeoHubs participating as communities on the TITAN Network, we issue each organization both a license file and also a GeoHub ID.

A Master Server (like the one at the core of the TITAN Network) manages all GeoHub ID's. A GeoHub ID is like a username/password that a GeoHub must use in order to "sign on" to a Master Server. The Master Server will reject any GeoHub that tries to sign on without a valid set of credentials.

The installation script for the Master Server includes 2 GeoHub IDs, so a customer who is setting up their own Master Server doesn’t need us to create their first two GeoHub IDs. (they'll still need to get license files from us though)

A customer is either going to do one of two things:

  1. Set up the GeoHub on their own, private Master Server: in which case the above applies and they don’t need us to generate their first two GeoHub IDs
  2. Set up the GeoHub on the TITAN Network Master Server: in which case they are pointing their GeoHub at our live network (erdasTITAN.com) and an official GeoHub ID must be created and issued by us.

In the second method where a GeoHub is set up on the TITAN Network, we (ERDAS) makes an entry in the erdasTITAN.com Master Server each time.

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