Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What is the ERDAS TITAN Network?

The ERDAS TITAN Network is a secure, online, collaborative network of authors and consumers sharing data. Both individuals and organizations can participate: Individuals start by creating a login to the Network. Organizations start by implementing a TITAN GeoHub.

You (the individual) can join the ERDAS TITAN Network by downloading and installing the free TITAN Client and ultimately creating a unique login (a ‘Passport') to the Network. When you create a login, you are also creating your first subscription to the ERDAS TITAN default public GeoHub.

Consuming data on the public network is unlimited for all users, and you can publish and publicly share up to 10GB or 10 files for free.

Here is a diagram showing the architecture of the TITAN Network, and short descriptions of the products below.

ERDAS TITAN Client is a geospatial data bridge that enables users to publish and consume geospatial data, web services and location-based content with others on the TITAN Network. Users can search and access data into the variety of applications they use on their desktop.

ERDAS TITAN Master Server is the master registry for the entire Network. The Master Server handles all GeoHub and individual user registrations and takes all login requests for the entire Network.

ERDAS TITAN GeoHub enables permission-based data distribution, both internally and externally for an organization. With a GeoHub, an organization participates as a 'community' on the TITAN Network.

ERDAS TITAN Web Cache Servers provide scalability, enhancing performance of a GeoHub.

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