Sunday, May 18, 2008

Base Imagery in TITAN Viewer

The base imagery that is seen in the ERDAS TITAN Viewer is coming from a GlobeXplorer data store located in the Bay Area of California. GlobeXplorer, a DigitalGlobe company, is a leading geographic data integration and publishing company, providing online access to the world’s largest commercial library of geographic information.

How it works: When you pan or zoom in the TITAN Viewer, a web request is sent to the GlobeXplorer data store. Image tiles located on those data servers are retrieved and served directly to the ERDAS TITAN Viewer. No GlobeX imagery travels through or caches on GeoHubs at all, but instead goes straight to the clients, and caches locally. Local caching relieves the user from continually having to reload basemap data, a process that would slow things down considerably.

Later this year TITAN will also support the designation of alternative basemap and terrain sources by GeoHub administrators, thereby providing the means to improve upon base data available to users within a GeoHub community. Correspondingly the user will be empowered to browse and select from a list of basemaps provided by participating GeoHubs. The user will be further empowered to select from any local data, other users' shared data, services, or data returned from a search to be used as the basemap in their TITAN Viewer.

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