Thursday, January 8, 2009

Historical ads

It's fun to look through old volumes of industry journals that you've kept around for years and years. For one, you marvel at how far things have come. Looking at PE&RS journals all the way back to the mid 80s you see names like Wild, Kern, Kodak and ERDAS of course! Paul at the Field Guide scanned a few of the very first ERDAS ads and now has a history of ERDAS ads running down the right column of the blog.

Here's a great old ad featuring a Stereo Facet Plotter from OMI (Otto Meccanica Italiana) from 1985. Wow those are some lights!!

Here's one of our own from Wild, also from 1985. (Wild-Leitz merged with Cambridge Instruments to form Leica back in 1990):

If you're into old photogrammetry tools Ryan was just at Leica Geosystems headquarters in Heerbrugg last week and took some pictures.

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