Thursday, December 4, 2008

ERDAS TITAN Client 9.3.2c Released!

We have made some exciting changes to the ERDAS TITAN Client! New features in ERDAS TITAN Client 9.3.2c include:
  • OpenStreetMap is the default basemap. This collaborative, free global map project is now available as the default basemap option in the TITAN Viewer. For more information on OpenStreetMap, please visit

  • Multi-Screen Support allows you to span one TITAN Viewer display across multiple PCs/ screens, creating the illusion that the numerous displays are one contiguous display.

TITAN spans multiple screens at Arizona
State University's Decision Theater.

  • Attribute based symbology for point vectors in the TITAN Viewer and a default DHS symbol set.

  • Locally add multiple DEMs as terrain sources in the TITAN Viewer.

To see a list of all the enhancements, please see ERDAS TITAN Client Update 1 – Version 9.3.2c What’s New.

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