Thursday, September 4, 2008


The ERDAS TITAN Network was upgraded last night to ERDAS TITAN 2009! This means that your ERDAS TITAN Client will have updated too with great new features!

I am also pleased to inform you of the upcoming release of ERDAS TITAN 2009 (version 9.3) server products, including ERDAS TITAN GeoHub, ERDAS TITAN Master Server and ERDAS TITAN Web Cache Servers, which will be available early September.

Here's what's new in the ERDAS TITAN Client

  • ERDAS Apollo Image Manager (EAIM) Catalog support for authenticating with and querying, discovering and accessing data as web services from ERDAS Apollo Image Manager (EAIM) Catalog.
  • Data format support is extended for a select set of ERDAS IMAGINE raster formats and sensor models, available when ERDAS IMAGINE 9.3 is installed on the same machine. Support includes NITF and also TFRD (TFRD when Defense Productivity Bundle is also installed).
  • Localize the TITAN Client to different languages. The TITAN Client comes equipped with a Translator Tool for any language, and is now already localized for some languages.
  • Utilization of Basemaps and Terrain: GeoHub Admins can designate different sources of basemaps for their subscribers, and Master Server Admins can designate different sources of basemaps and terrain for network users. So, TITAN users may now utilize different sources of basemaps and terrain in TITAN Viewers!

And more....

  • ECWP faster implementation, for fast reading of ECWP.
  • Proxy file load for direct data load into ERDAS IMAGINE Viewer
  • TITAN Viewer Layer panel redesign shows data owner and permissions.
  • The TITAN Viewer now supports KML with color styles, placemarks, geometry, regions, stylemaps, and network links.
  • Uniform styles management across applications
  • Right click to create one web service with all the layers a user is sharing, or just with a selected file.
  • Search results include private data and KML
  • Password management
  • Band combinations may be adjusted for raster datasets in the IM, for individual or multiple datasets at a time.
  • Disable 2 standard deviation preference
  • Start IM in tray preference so that TITAN starts minimized to the tray when Windows starts.

Get the download here. Work is still being finalized on a new ERDAS website, and currently the redirect is still to our former incarnation 'Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging' for now.

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