Friday, August 8, 2008

Coming soon: Map Collections!

Coming soon, GeoHub Admins will be able to create Map Collections - an assortment of web service layers - for use by their subscribers. Using Map Collections, GeoHub Admins can provide useful layers to all GeoHub subscribers at once. These layers can be accessed via TITAN Clients and subsequently loaded into various applications on the desktop. Even more exciting, TITAN users will be able to designate any shared service layer as the basemap for the TITAN Viewer! Check out the Countries layer in the TITAN Viewer from Demis.

You'll basically be able to turn any web service layer into the basemap. And if your layer is only a tile there is now a super low res basemap that will kick on so that you can still have a clue of where you are in the world. Our default basemap data is still provided by GlobeXplorer.

Map Collections may also be provided at the Network level, as well as sources of terrain. And, just like with basemaps, TITAN users can designate alternative sources of terrain for the TITAN Viewer.

Within an isolated Network running a Master Server and no connection to the Internet, these new features enable the Admin to use various sources of data and services to provide basemaps and terrain for an entire network.

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