Thursday, April 24, 2008


So what is ERDAS TITAN, anyway? Very simply, ERDAS TITAN is an innovative data sharing solution, enabling users and organizations to publish, access, discover and ultimately consume geospatial data, web services and location-based content, all in one online, dynamic, collaborative network. ERDAS TITAN is a geospatial data bridge, providing access to multiple public and private data resources, and enabling that data to be accessed in a variety of desktop, internet and 3D virtual globe applications in use on the desktop.

With TITAN users can:
  • Drag and drop data and publish with permissions to a network of users
  • Manage connections to data, organizations and people through one simple client interface
  • Access geospatial data and web services from multiple sources, into multiple applications
  • Create and share an interactive 3D geospatial presentation – a ‘MyWorld’ – and invite users to participate in that space
A 'MyWorld'

With TITAN organizations can:
  • Enable secure, permission-based data distribution both internally and externally, utilizing an ERDAS TITAN GeoHub
  • Participate as a community on the ERDAS TITAN Network

This is a broad overview...look for details in future posts.

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